(Contact is possible in dutch or English. Hopefully within a year I can add Spanish to my list. Untill then I use a translater app.)

Welcome to the website of Tattooshop Inkwise!

The most welcoming shop in Ontinyent, where you get quality for a good price. And where we really take the time for the customer.


Let's introduce myself briefly. I am Deborah, 27, together with my husband and son we emigrated to Spain in March 2020 from the Netherlands.
A few years ago I came into contact with the tattoo profession and through a lot of practice and advice from other artists I opened my own shop in 2015 that I will continue here in Spain.


I am one of the lucky ones who have been able to turn my passion into my work and I am grateful for that every day. Therefore, quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to me.


I work with the latest and greatest materials currently available on the market. As a machine I use a Chayenne pen and, of course, EU-approved ink that minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. Ink, needle modules, paper and ointment will be thrown away immediately after use and after each customer everything is disinfected.


Times change, trends come and go and new techniques continue to be discovered. This means that even the most experienced artists have to keep learning and adapting. There's a lot of time, energy and discipline in that, but where most people are already tired of reading those words, I'm looking forward to it and still fighting for perfection every day.


On this website you will find information, photos of my work and contact details to make an appointment or request more information. You can always leave a review or share this website with your friends using the buttons below.